Crypto Economy Organisation builds closer cooperation with Japan.

Crypto Economy Organisation President  Vytautas Kašėta
Crypto Economy Organisation President Vytautas Kašėta

Lithuania is known for being one of the leading countries in the world for organising initial coin offers (ICO) and this is not strange that foreign investors are interested about building and strengthening cooperation in business and financial sectors here.

Representatives of Crypto Economy Organisation.
CEO representatives. From the left side: Executive director Donatas Černiauskas, President Vytautas Kašėta, Board member Budbergytė-Zabielaitė, board adviser Andrius Bartminas.

Today during Business-to-business (B2B) meetings with representatives of Japanese Trade mission to Lithuania, Crypto Economy Organisation was presented by top leaders of our organisation.

Showing importance for this cooperation, Crypto Economy Organisation was represented by President Vytautas Kašėta and Executive director Donatas  Černiauskas. “Such meetings are very important not only in the frame of participating firms or organisations, but what is more important, for building closer cooperation of different sectors, integration of new technologies such as blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies, as trustfull solutions and financial instrument which could assure base for building transparent and trustful business  on international or regional levels. During the meeting we also focused on specific examples, with deeper observation of CEO members developed blockchain based solutions in the fields on financial accountancy and lending, supply chain, health and medicine itself, art, aid etc.” commented president of CEO Vytautas Kašėta.

Group of Japanese Trade mission consisted of around 40 top level Executives representing more than 20 companies. As Executive director of CEO Donatas Černiauskas mention after the meeting ”It was pleasure for us to participate in the meeting, as not only we got new plans but also on continuation of cooperation, where Crypto Economy Organisation could become window for successful integration into European markets for our Japanese partners and vice versa our  partners could lead us towards closer cooperation with Asian markets, with focus on crypto economy adoption, governmental and international institutions”.

Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO) is an international organisation founded to unite blockchain technology providers and crypto economy enablers worldwide,  focusing on integration of distributed technologies and cryptography based solutions into economic and governmental models and running activities for public benefit.