Signed Memorandum of Understanding

CEO is glad to announce that after having identified mutual goals and prospective beneficial interests of CEO and Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA), this week we have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on:

  • the creation and execution of joint projects, educational programs and investment opportunities
  • execution of programs and projects involving investments into startups and innovative companies as well as blockchain technologies
  • assisting entrepreneurs, corporations and governments and in general fostering innovation economies around the world

While IBA mission is to connect corporations, developers, policy-makers and enthusiasts in order to foster knowledge sharing, testing and development of impactful blockchain applications, accordingly CEO is promoting the integration, development and usage of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. Both organisations are emphasizing education and empowerment of the community locally and globally.

Potential startups, ICOs and having project ideas for Israeli market are invited to join CEO before June 30th on discounted rates.

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