CEO empowered by new dedicated expertise

New expert joined the advisory board of CEO and it is the pleasure for us to present him to you:


Credo: Sic Parvis Magna (Greatness From Small Beginnings)

Andrius Bartminas

Dedicated blockchain visionary and a prominent business development professional with a passion for the implementation of new technologies and innovation.

Andrius has proven experience in the field of international business development, negotiations, international relations as well as solid working experience with governmental institutions. He is a passionate innovator, entrepreneur, and a believer in Crypto economics. Andrius has extensive experience working on large-scale innovative projects – from digitising documentary films and creating the national archive for digital documents through to merging blockchain technology into the telecom operations market, enabling the protection of digital identities on both the internet and within secure crypto wallets – transforming the entire industry.

As a co-founder and a partner at New Capital – A new generation venture capital fund and innovation factory, his main responsibility is to create and establish secure, effective, transparent and flexible models of capital investment by using digital assets and models of Tokenomics as the innovative investment vehicle. Therefore, Andrius is working on a Security token framework in Lithuania as a fully regulated and effective way of raising capital for highly prominent startups. As an expert in his field at New Capital, he works with teams and projects that are beneficial to business and have considerable transformative potential.