9th of April – CEO meeting

9th of April CEO Meeting

Crypto Economy Organisation invites all members to the annual meeting.

Meeting date :    17:00  (9th of April )
Meeting place:  Business Hive, Address  – Savanorių 178F, Vilnius

Foreseen program:

    • Registration,
    • Reports of president and the board,
    • Report of director,
    • Presentation of candidates to the board,
    • Strategy of CEO for 2019-2020,
    • Questions related membership,
    • Current Issues,
    • Celebration of CEO birthday,

All members who would like to became candidates to the board of CEO should fill form below (also you can find it by pushing this link)



CEO has signed an agreement for cooperation with well-known BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINE

Signed agreement for cooperation with well-known BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINE

CEO is growing and expanding international cooperation. CEO has signed an agreement for cooperation with well-known BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINE.

Blockchain Association of UkraineYesterday during the meeting between representatives of the Crypto Economy Organisation and The Blockchain Association of Ukraine Memorandum of cooperation was signed.

The purpose of the Memorandum is strengthening of relationships and cooperation between professional players, society and state authorities for the purpose of the full implementation of the blockchain technology, aware of the advantages and prospects for the use of distributed database technology in the public and private sectors in order to ensure the transparency and openness of economic processes.

Crypto Economy Organisation is helping to shape the relationship between Orca alliance and MediBloc

ORCA , Mediblock

Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO) is already known for uniting crypto start-ups around the globe and for its outstanding support for the development of crypto economy. Perhaps not surprisingly, they have yet another successful relationship to celebrate.

It proudly introduces a new friendship between ORCA alliance, a Fintech firm that seeks to bridge crypto and fiat finances, and MediBloc,Medibloc a health care data platform originating from South Korea. This relationship is no small feat – it brings MedTech solutions directly to the doorstep of Lithuania and, thus, consequently, to the entire Eastern region of Europe.

Briefly about ORCA, the FinTech startup which invited MediBloc to its quarters: ORCA stands for Open Regulated Cryptocurrency Adoption. It offers solutions to the crypto community, who also are keen on Fiat currencies. It has an easy-to-use application that merges all of user’s crypto and fiat accounts into a single interface, thus offering them a simple way to manage their personal finances.

MediBloc, meanwhile, has set out to revolutionize healthcare industry. And there’s plenty to reform.

Most people in rich countries have already learned that before entering any medical facility, one must arm himself with stoicism. It is needed to guard against cumbersome mechanisms, doctors that don’t understand patients, endless tests and, of course, long waits.

This is where MediBloc steps in to offer solutions. Founded by two passionate doctors, it offers a compelling vision – the medical records should be in the hands of patients, where they belong.

If you’re raising eyebrows and asking “why that matters”, you should know that currently health institutions are the ones that hold all of your medical records centralized in their data storage facilities, or, worse yet – in dusty and antiquated filing cabinets.

If you, say, go to the dentist in one facility, consult a cardiologist in another, and get your (God-forbid) appendix removed in a third – all of these institutions sometimes have no way of knowing about the other two procedures.

Because the pieces of a puzzle are scattered everywhere, both you and your current doctor don’t get a holistic overview of your medical condition – in most cases, you have to repeat tests you’ve already taken in another clinic (and pay for them again) or go through the same procedures you had already undergone a year ago.

MediBloc, on the other hand, uses a decentralised data ledger to pool and store a complete, indexed history of all patient medical information, validating and securing every change. BlockChain technology ensures it is tamper-proof, while the decentralised model puts the patient in control to decide who gets access permissions and when.

Not only that, with user consent, anonymised data can be shared with researchers and AI specialists – a feature that opens op ample space for integrated innovations. AI-powered diagnoses, real-time monitoring – all could be waiting just around the corner.

These cutting-edge solutions are being brought to the region thanks to CEO and its global connections that make such arrangements possible. It strives – to great success – to create and develop a friendly business environment and social relationships of the trustworthy crypto ecosystem participants. They are surely welcome here.

Lithuania between leaders of the world’s top 7 crypto valleys

For several days Seoul (Korea) had become the official capital of the growing Blockchain Industry. The global event – Block Chain Seoul 2018, B7 Summit & B7 CEO Summit took part from September 17th to 19th at COEX (one of the largest convention centers in Korea). B7, short for Blockchain 7, refers to the world’s seven most powerful countries and regions with leading business and technologies in blockchain: Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea.

Under the theme of ‘The Future of Crypto Valleys and Global Cooperative Plan Towards the Growth of Blockchain Industry,’ B7 Summit invited seven leaders to share blockchain-related policies or measures in their respective countries. In doing so, the leaders discussed what B7 can do to vitalize crypto valleys further as well as minimize inequalities around the world and grow together as global countries through blockchain technology.  The importance of the event was highlighted by the number of participants this year.  The summit had gathered attention from 20,000+ expo participants, 2,000+ conference attendees, 200+ booth participant companies, and 55+ speakers from all over the world.

Lithuania has also shown a great interest in this event. Its delegation was led by the Minister of Finance – Vilius Šapoka. The participation of high ranking officials shows the need for open discussions between policy makers, regulators, practitioners, startups to assure the growth of crypto valleys and global development through blockchain technology.

During the B7 summit Donatas Černiauskas, Executive director of the Crypto Economy Organisation (Lithuania) signed Memorandum of Understanding between Estonia, Switzerland, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Republic of Korea and Lithuania.

According to Donatas Černiauskas: “This agreement gives us priority to cooperative relationships between participating organizations in carrying out blockchain based business related to areas of information, communications & technology (ICT) and industry cooperation.”

Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO) is an international organisation founded to unite blockchain technology providers and crypto economy enablers worldwide,  focusing on integration of distributed technologies and cryptography based solutions into economic and governmental models and running activities for public benefit.

CEO empowered by new dedicated expertise

New expert joined the advisory board of CEO and it is the pleasure for us to present him to you:


Credo: Sic Parvis Magna (Greatness From Small Beginnings)

Andrius Bartminas

Dedicated blockchain visionary and a prominent business development professional with a passion for the implementation of new technologies and innovation.

Andrius has proven experience in the field of international business development, negotiations, international relations as well as solid working experience with governmental institutions. He is a passionate innovator, entrepreneur, and a believer in Crypto economics. Andrius has extensive experience working on large-scale innovative projects – from digitising documentary films and creating the national archive for digital documents through to merging blockchain technology into the telecom operations market, enabling the protection of digital identities on both the internet and within secure crypto wallets – transforming the entire industry.

As a co-founder and a partner at New Capital – A new generation venture capital fund and innovation factory, his main responsibility is to create and establish secure, effective, transparent and flexible models of capital investment by using digital assets and models of Tokenomics as the innovative investment vehicle. Therefore, Andrius is working on a Security token framework in Lithuania as a fully regulated and effective way of raising capital for highly prominent startups. As an expert in his field at New Capital, he works with teams and projects that are beneficial to business and have considerable transformative potential.

Crypto Economy Organisation builds closer cooperation with Japan.

Crypto Economy Organisation President  Vytautas Kašėta
Crypto Economy Organisation President Vytautas Kašėta

Lithuania is known for being one of the leading countries in the world for organising initial coin offers (ICO) and this is not strange that foreign investors are interested about building and strengthening cooperation in business and financial sectors here.

Representatives of Crypto Economy Organisation.
CEO representatives. From the left side: Executive director Donatas Černiauskas, President Vytautas Kašėta, Board member Budbergytė-Zabielaitė, board adviser Andrius Bartminas.

Today during Business-to-business (B2B) meetings with representatives of Japanese Trade mission to Lithuania, Crypto Economy Organisation was presented by top leaders of our organisation.

Showing importance for this cooperation, Crypto Economy Organisation was represented by President Vytautas Kašėta and Executive director Donatas  Černiauskas. “Such meetings are very important not only in the frame of participating firms or organisations, but what is more important, for building closer cooperation of different sectors, integration of new technologies such as blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies, as trustfull solutions and financial instrument which could assure base for building transparent and trustful business  on international or regional levels. During the meeting we also focused on specific examples, with deeper observation of CEO members developed blockchain based solutions in the fields on financial accountancy and lending, supply chain, health and medicine itself, art, aid etc.” commented president of CEO Vytautas Kašėta.

Group of Japanese Trade mission consisted of around 40 top level Executives representing more than 20 companies. As Executive director of CEO Donatas Černiauskas mention after the meeting ”It was pleasure for us to participate in the meeting, as not only we got new plans but also on continuation of cooperation, where Crypto Economy Organisation could become window for successful integration into European markets for our Japanese partners and vice versa our  partners could lead us towards closer cooperation with Asian markets, with focus on crypto economy adoption, governmental and international institutions”.

Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO) is an international organisation founded to unite blockchain technology providers and crypto economy enablers worldwide,  focusing on integration of distributed technologies and cryptography based solutions into economic and governmental models and running activities for public benefit.

Signed Memorandum of Understanding

CEO is glad to announce that after having identified mutual goals and prospective beneficial interests of CEO and Israeli Blockchain Association (IBA), this week we have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on:

  • the creation and execution of joint projects, educational programs and investment opportunities
  • execution of programs and projects involving investments into startups and innovative companies as well as blockchain technologies
  • assisting entrepreneurs, corporations and governments and in general fostering innovation economies around the world

While IBA mission is to connect corporations, developers, policy-makers and enthusiasts in order to foster knowledge sharing, testing and development of impactful blockchain applications, accordingly CEO is promoting the integration, development and usage of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. Both organisations are emphasizing education and empowerment of the community locally and globally.

Potential startups, ICOs and having project ideas for Israeli market are invited to join CEO before June 30th on discounted rates.

more: about Israel Blockchain Association

Crypto Economy Organisation on Facebook

It’s our pleasure to present you Crypto Economy Organisation – an association of crypto enthusiasts. We’re founded to safeguard interests of stakeholders, work together with regulators and institutions, educate and promote Crypto Economy in general public.

In 2016 crypto society in Lithuania started meetups with lots of members involved in distributed application development, ICO activities and creation of crypto friendly jurisdiction inside the country and the region. Association was a natural outcome from Lithuanian crypto society and in the beginning of 2018 we officially registered a Crypto Economy Organisation.

Our FB page is created for our members and supporters to actively involve in our activities and to broadcast news about crypto ecosystem development.
Please feel free to follow us if you would like to be updated regularly.

All the best,

Vytautas Kaseta
President of CEO