Aims & Goals

The aim of Crypto Economy Organisation is to unite all stakeholders of the crypto ecosystem to create and support friendly environment to develop the crypto economy in close collaboration with other existing economic ecosystems.

The organisation is also seeking to represent social, legal and economic interests and responsibilities of the entire crypto ecosystem stakeholders on interinstitutional, national and international levels.

Seeking its goals Crypto Economy Organisation is:

  • actively involved in creating and developing a friendly business environment and social relationships of the trustworthy crypto ecosystem participants;
  • collaborating with regulating institutions and policymakers to achieve effective and competitive crypto ecosystem regulations;
  • promoting the integration, development and usage of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies;
  • providing recommendations to crypto ecosystem participants in relation to business, law, finance, education and other activities;
  • identifying, developing and promoting cooperation and mutual trust between the participants of the crypto ecosystem and governmental or international institutions;
  • shaping and developing ethical norms of the crypto ecosystem participants and projects crowdfunding activities and is fostering compliance with the ethical code of conduct;
  • encouraging and contributing towards the creation of, and the integration of science technologies and innovations of a peer-to-peer settlement, accounting, data processing, social media and other areas.