About Us

Crypto Economy Organisation is an associated legal person a non-governmental organization founded to represent interests of the members and satisfy public interests through activity of public benefit.

Crypto Economy Organisation unites all stakeholders of crypto ecosystem and other persons, supporting the development of crypto economy, represents social, legal and economic interests and responsibilities of the entire crypto ecosystem stakeholders on interinstitutional, national and international levels.

Crypto Economy Organisation creates and supports friendly environment for crypto ecosystem development in close collaboration with other existing economic ecosystems, promotes crypto economy in the society and encourages permanent professional development of the members of Association.


9th of April – CEO meeting

Crypto Economy Organisation invites all members to the annual meeting. Meeting date :    17:00  (9th of April ) Meeting place:  Business Hive, Address  – Savanorių 178F, Vilnius Foreseen program: Registration, Reports of president and the board, Report of director, Presentation of candidates to the board, Strategy of CEO for 2019-2020, Questions related membership, Current Issues, …

CEO has signed an agreement for cooperation with well-known BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINE

CEO is growing and expanding international cooperation. CEO has signed an agreement for cooperation with well-known BLOCKCHAIN ASSOCIATION OF UKRAINE. Yesterday during the meeting between representatives of the Crypto Economy Organisation and The Blockchain Association of Ukraine Memorandum of cooperation was signed. The purpose of the Memorandum is strengthening of relationships and cooperation between professional …

Crypto Economy Organisation is helping to shape the relationship between Orca alliance and MediBloc

Crypto Economy Organisation (CEO) is already known for uniting crypto start-ups around the globe and for its outstanding support for the development of crypto economy. Perhaps not surprisingly, they have yet another successful relationship to celebrate. It proudly introduces a new friendship between ORCA alliance, a Fintech firm that seeks to bridge crypto and fiat …

Aims & Goals

The aim of Crypto Economy Organisation is to unite all stakeholders of the crypto ecosystem to create and support friendly environment to develop the crypto economy in close collaboration with other existing economic ecosystems.

The organisation is also seeking to represent social, legal and economic interests and responsibilities of the entire crypto ecosystem stakeholders on interinstitutional, national and international levels.

Seeking its goals Crypto Economy Organisation is:

  • actively involved in creating and developing a friendly business environment and social relationships of the trustworthy crypto ecosystem participants;
  • collaborating with regulating institutions and policymakers to achieve effective and competitive crypto ecosystem regulations;
  • promoting the integration, development and usage of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies;
  • providing recommendations to crypto ecosystem participants in relation to business, law, finance, education and other activities;
  • identifying, developing and promoting cooperation and mutual trust between the participants of the crypto ecosystem and governmental or international institutions;
  • shaping and developing ethical norms of the crypto ecosystem participants and projects crowdfunding activities and is fostering compliance with the ethical code of conduct;
  • encouraging and contributing towards the creation of, and the integration of science technologies and innovations of a peer-to-peer settlement, accounting, data processing, social media and other areas.

Our Activities

all activities of CEO contributes for developing responsible and prosperous Global Crypto Ecosystem.

Organisation in closely cooperates with regulators on the local and EU levels, building partnership on U.N. level.

To strength ecosystem, CEO unites crypto society on thematically oriented topics. At the moment we administrate and inviting you to join these groups and meetups:

In order to reach larger number of society and strength network of professionals, in autumn of 2018, CEO will organize international conference for crypto professionals, regulators and startups.


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If you’re working with blockchain projects, legal environments, developing dApps, mining cryptocurrency, or you’re enthusiast of crypto economy – welcome to CEO!

By becoming a member, you will get opportunities to contribute to development of crypto economy, participate in community events, and share your own experience and get insights from colleagues.

While the organisation will grow, the benefits will raise and will include access to crypto knowledge, high-quality educational and promotional events and opportunities to interact with crypto economy peers around the world.

Membership fees for new members

Membership fee consist of one-time entry and annual fees. For individuals:

– One-time entry fee: 20 euro

– Annual membership fee: 40 euro /year

Entry & Membership fee (60€)

For business and organisations or startups – please directly contact by email: join@cryptoeconomy.today

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